Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BSC #83: Stacey vs. the BSC


Brief Synopsis:

Stacey’s getting fed up with the BSC. Other than Claudia, the other girls seem way too immature for her, especially since Stacey’s been spending more time with her beau, Robert, and his mature friends. She’s also late to meetings and cancels her sitting jobs. This culminates in her throwing a party for her new friends that she decides not to invite the BSC to (except for Claud). Dawn and MA show up at the party to yell at her for not inviting them. The B plot involves the BSC having a talent show. Charlotte Johanssen plans to play the piano at the show, but freaks out when Stacey flakes and doesn’t come to support her. At the next club meeting, the girls all fight and Stacey ends up leaving the club.

  • You think that the girls would realize by now that Charlotte Johanssen is incapable of public performance after the meltdown at the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant. Considering how well Stacey knows Charlotte and the fact that Stacey isn’t all that interested in the BSC’s little projects, I have no idea why she encouraged her to play in the talent show in the first place.

  • Stacey inwardly groans when she sees Mary Anne wearing an “I Love My Kitty” sticker on her backpack. Hey, you know, dress up MA in a short plaid skirt and her old penny loafers, with said cutesy sticker, and she’d fit in just great in a Max Hardcore video. I almost agreed with Stacey, though, for rolling her eyes when MA said that she and Stacey were still “bestest friends.” But then I remembered that I sometimes turn my r’s into w’s for comedic effect. Plus, the lolcats regularly misuse grammar and they’re way more popular than you’ll ever be, Stacey.

  • Someone was paying attention to continuity. When the other members of the BSC are at the burger place where Stacey and her friends are also eating dinner, Carlos Mendez walks in. Mary Anne, Dawn and Kristy all start giggling. In Mary Anne’s Makeover, there are rumors that Carlos, a high school guy, has asked MA to a dance. Thirteen year olds spazzing out about a cute high school boy that one of them was vaguely associated with? Realistic thirteen year old behavior for once! At the same time, Dawn has been on a date with an older guy herself and Kristy up until now has never been interested in giggling over boys (or anything, for that matter), so they do seem pretty immature compared with previous books.

  • Yeah, Dawn’s that annoying vegetarian you can’t take anywhere. She actually refers to meat as “cow carcasses.” Hey Dawn, you don’t win friends with salad.
  • Stacey thinks it’s immature that Kristy’s wearing mismatched socks and an old Krushers sweatshirt. When you guys get to college and have 9 AM classes, Kristy in her old clothes is going to fit in way better than the girl in a sexy dress and pumps. (I should know. I was the latter.)

  • Stacey refers to Dawn as “Nanook of the North” for wearing a long scarf and heavy coat when she leaves Pizza Express. As lame as Dawn is, I think this is the one time Stacey was wrong to criticize her. What, you want she should freeze on her way back from eating cow carcasses?

  • Stacey thinks her new friends are so considerate for bringing sugarless cookies to her party and asks herself how many friends would be nice enough to do that. Um, you know Claudia did that on a pretty much weekly basis for you, right?

  • When Stacey sits for the Newton kids, she stays on the phone with Robert and basically ignores Jamie, not realizing he’s got a stomach bug. Dumb, but you know, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often, considering they’re only thirteen.

  • Why is Ann M. so obsessed with little kids who model? One of Stacey’s new friends, Andie, mentions that she was a baby model and that her parents put the money she earned away for her college fund. Plus, in another book, Stacey makes an attempt at professional modeling when her mom makes her get a summer job (she also constantly reminds us that people tell her she could model but that she doesn’t want to skate by on her looks). And Dawn apparently was so cute that she won a cutest baby contest. I don’t know why, but it kind of makes my skin crawl. Maybe because we live in a world where this is possible:

Continuity Alert

Stacey tells us she spent some time with Robert on Fire Island. No, you selfish little pig, as my astute fellow BSC fans have noted, you practically shacked up with him. You “spent some time” with Claudia.

Stacey muses about her old best friend, Laine Cummings. She thinks that she may be outgrowing the BSC, just as she outgrew her friendship with Laine. Hmm. Laine obsessed over her boyfriend, thought that the babysitting was immature and mocked Stacey’s pig collection. Yeah, you’re the one who outgrew her, Anastasia.

Assessment of the BSC Members

Stacey’s a real bitch to the other members, but I can see why she wouldn’t want to hang out with them. Kristy’s also surprisingly immature, but I mostly hate her for being such a fascist about the club and for freaking out every time someone puts the BSC second in their life. Her childishness (sticking straws up her nose?!) is really out of character here. MA seems more or less okay except for when she shows up with Dawn to crash Stacey’s party. Dawn isn’t so much immature as she’s always been self-righteous and obnoxious and I’m surprised Stacey’s just now noticing. I don’t really count Mallory and Jessi since they are only eleven, and it’s not like they’re all that close to the older members.

Claudia’s the only one I actually feel bad for. She can’t bail on Stacey’s party since they’re best friends, but telling her to hide it from the BSC is just putting her in an awkward position. Claudia’s also the only one who points out at the final meeting that the real reason Stacey should be apologetic is that she broke a promise to Charlotte. To be honest, I think she was way better off without Stacey. (Yes, I mean both of them.)