Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pass it on! Or, what makes Stacey McGill happy?

I was tagged for two memes. Hurrah! I love memes.

Name six unimportant things that make you happy

I was tagged by Stacie for this meme. Thanks, Stacie! You rock.


1. Mention the person who nominated you (above).
2. List six unimportant things that make you happy
3. Tag six blogs, state the rules & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

I decided to do this as though I were Stacey McGill of the BSC. (Thank you for the idea, Stacie.) So what are the six unimportant things that make Stacey happy?

1. Getting a good glucose reading. Diabetes is hard!

2. Finding a gorgeous pair of trendy shoes and not having to pay full price because Dad (and his AmEx card) is with me. (Anything for his little Boontsie.) Aren't these sandals to DIE for?


3. Whenever Ethan/Robert/Jeremy or whomever I'm dating (I can't keep track!) drops all his plans and whisks me away for a romantic evening at the Rosebud. Some people say I'm a little boy-crazy, but a girl needs a special guy or two in her life.

4. Mary Poppins being shown on TV. I, uh, just love the special effects.

5. Unitards! They go with everything, they show off my great body (did I mention I'm tall, thin and blonde?) and they're just so fashionable. One time I got a plaid unitard half off because my mom works at Bellair's as a fashion buyer. Aren't I too much?


6. Getting asked to do a fashion show. Oh, I know you said unimportant, but this happens so frequently to me that it's no big deal. I did a fashion show at Bellair's fashion week and people are always telling me I could model if I wanted to. Plus, I plan on being discovered for having great fashion sense before I'm seventeen, just walking around the streets of SoHo looking cool, like Kate Moss or Chloe Sevigny. The picture below could be me in a few years--with blonde, permed hair, of course! Isn't that pelican purse to die for?


[/Stacey mode off] I'll be sending extra Pepto Bismol to anyone who asks. I know, posting both a pelican purse and a unitard in one entry? I was just asking for trouble. For what it's worth, I'm not done retching either. Stay tuned for an ultra bitchy Stacey recap this week.

Here's who I'm tagging:

1. Emily and Elizabeth at Underage Reading. I know I'm always inundating you guys with stuff, but I really want to know what makes you guys happy. I bet it will be laden with MSCL references.

2. Cupcake Witch

3. Lenore at Presenting Lenore

4. Banana Bomb at BSC Rediculosity

5. R.G. Quimby at Little Snarky Two Shoes

6. Kristen at BSC Revisited

Next meme up.

Seven Things That Make this Blog Rock


Got this from Nikki (thank you!). The rules are I have to name seven things that make my blog awesome, and then pass it on to seven other awesome people.

1. Simpsons and South Park references galore!

2. You finally learn what really happened to Janie (of The Face on the Milk Carton series) without having to read all the books (yes, Caroline B. Cooney squeezed out four of them, and yes I took four bullets for the team).

3. Getting a vivid reimagining of Ann M. Martin's exciting, fun filled life.

4. You get to see what happened in Stoneybrook after you got too old to justify reading the BSC series.

5. So many different ways to say that Stacey McGill did Stupid Spoiled Whore years before Paris Hilton got her boob job and Nicole Ritchie ever put her finger down her throat, that Dawn Schafer is an insecure PETA member wannabe, and that all of these girls are so obsessed with infants that they make OctoMom with her biological hourglass look well adjusted.

6. Remember all those things you wanted to say to your health teacher when (s)he wasted your time saying "Drugs're bad, mmkay?" but didn't have the stones to? My Go Ask Alice recap does it for all of us. (Including me. I was a shy quiet kid who enjoyed puzzles and hated backtalking teachers.)

7. BSC Friends Forever. You know deep down you shouldn't be spending time or money on yet another BSC series that happened when you were way too old to even be thinking about imitating a Claudia outfit. Let Sadako recap them for you in bite sized bullet points. (And if you're really good, maybe I'll start doing California Diaries.)

So I'm tagging these fine folks:

1. Buried the Lead

2. Cinemania

3. Like Pike

4. RSVP Or Die

5. Mode a la Pie

6. Fear Street

7. What Claudia Wore