Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My date with Ann M., or Book Expo 2009


My date with Ann went off as expected. My companion and I did not allude to BSC work but did tell Ann we liked her work. We were rewarded with a small smile (whoa!) and a signature on her new book, Everything for a Dog. I suppose she doesn't hate the BSC because I saw a youtube clip of her signing copies of a BSC graphic novel at Comic Con (looking incredibly pained to be in the same venue as Storm Troopers and people who don't know who Lucille Ball or Desi Arnaz are, but I digress).

There were also girls ahead of us who had a copy of Kristy's Great Idea and they wanted Ann to sign it. Since she neither burst into flames nor challenged the girls to eat their own heads, I guess all was good. Technically, authors are not even meant to sign outside, non book paraphernalia, so by signing the contraband book, I guess she was making a big step. "Look, children, Mama hasn't forsaken you! Come to my bosom, my little ones. Yes, even you, Abby. No, not you, Mallory."

In honor of Ann M., stay tuned for a post about the BSC member most like Ann, Mary Anne, later today or tomorrow.