Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Blogoversary to me!

Yes, Michelle. I am going to eat all this cake myself.

A year ago today I created this blog and wrote my first post.

In my blog's honor, the ten best posts.

First, my five favorite BSC related posts.

Where Are They Now: BSC Ghostwriters (Part One and Part Two)
Kristy and the Baby Parade
Maid Mary Anne
Stacey and the Bad Girls
Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby

Next, five of my other favorite posts.

My Snark of Go Ask Alice
Don't Make Me Over: the Animated Edition
Sexually Inappropriate Children's Fiction
Whatever Happened to Janie
Musical Musings: Everything Old Is New Again

In one year, I've gone from just a couple of friends who knew me reading it to 85 followers on blogger, a Twitter account, and 26,236 total page views, per Shiny Stats. Yay!

I gave Dibbly Fresh his present already--the brand new banner. And his presents are arriving soon. He gave me a cool top from Express and this book (well, I ordered them and put his name on the card).

Thanks for reading, folks. You've been a wonderful audience. (Always wanted to say that!) It's been a great year, and hopefully we'll make this one even better! One more thing. Stacey, want a bite of chocolate cake? It's totally sugar free. (Evil grin.)