Monday, March 22, 2010

Movies in a Minute: Grease

As promised, it's another Movie in a Minute!

Sadako: "I don't remember there being this much Brylcreem in the ocean in From Here to Eternity. Whoops. Dammit, AMC, you told me it was Classics Week!"

Danny: "Aw, Sandy, this isn't the end. It's the beginning!"

Marty: "We're seniors."

Rizzo: "And we're gonna rule the school! Go Pink Ladies!"

Sadako: "Oh, is that name of your bingo league?"

Danny: "Aw, you guys don't wanna hear the horny details."

Sonny: "Yes we do!"

Putzie: "They're talking about invoking something called Megan's Law if we spend any more time at Rydell, and I STILL haven't gotten laid. Dish!"

Danny: "Summer lovin', had me a blast..."

Kenickie: "Did she put up a fight?"

Danny: "No, I totally roofied her."

Director: "Ahem! This is the fifties! Make it wholesome!"

Danny: "I mean, uh, I stuck a Mickey Flynn in her malt while we listened to Bobby Darin..."

Principal McGee: "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."

Sadako: "Hot."

Rizzo: "Surprise!"

Danny: "Sandy?!"

Sandy: "Danny!"

Danny: "Oh, yeah, well, it's cool baby, you know how it is, rockin' and rollin' and making up nonsensical dialogue because the scriptwriter went on sabbatical for this scene."

Sandy: "What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?"

Danny: "Yeah, well, what happened to your Australian accent?"

Rizzo: "Haha. I may have binged nonstop while listening to the Shirelles after our break up, but you dated the T-Bird equivalent of a fat chick."

Frenchy: "Aw, Sandy. I know you're bummed. How about we have a slumber party and invite the ex girlfriend of the guy who just blew you off? I'm sure that'll end well."

Sandy: "Uh, I don't smoke."

Rizzo: "Loser! I bet you haven't even been to the VD clinic!"

Sandy: "Well..."

Rizzo: "Bet you haven't even had a back alley abortion in between second and third period! Or been roofied at the sock hop!"

Sandy: "Okay! I'm not as cool as you!"

Rizzo: "Elvis, Elvis! Keep that pelvis far from me!"

Sadako: "Good god, I should hope so, considering that on the day this was filmed, it was filled with forty pounds of impacted feces."

Rizzo: "Lookin' good, Zuko."

Danny: "Sloppy seconds ain't my style, Riz."

Kenickie: "I don't care that you dated my best friend. I'm all over that!"

Rizzo: "Let's go, big guy."

Kenickie: "Oh crap. The condom broke."

Rizzo: "Oh what the hell."

Sadako: "Don't act like you're such a risk taker, Ms. Hot Flashes!"

Kenickie: "Go Greased Lightnin', we're--"

Danny: "Quiet, Taxi boy. Don't stand there and pretend you didn't screw my ex last night. This is my song now."

Kenickie: "But this is my car. It makes no sense for you to sing a song about MY car."

Danny: "And it makes no sense for you to mack on a dame who I've already marked my territory on. Now go stand in the back."

Rizzo: "Kenickie, you pig!"

Kenickie: "What was that all about?"

Rizzo: "I have no idea. It's in the script, though."

Frankie Avalon: "Beauty School Drop-Out..."

Sadako: "Quiet, Frankie Avalon. You aren't half the Frankie that Frankie Valli is. Wake me up when it's time for the National Bandstand Dance."

Marty: "Too bad we don't have dates to the dance."

Craterface: "I conveniently broke up with my skanky girlfriend. Want to go to the dance and then help me pop my bacne?"

Rizzo: "Throw in an early bird special and I'm there."

Sha Na Na: "Those hippies booed us off the stage at Woodstock. But there's a reason we're here singing the hits and Janis, Jim, and Jimi aren't!"

Marty: "Ooh, isn't Vince Fontaine DREAMY? He totally makes up for the fact that they didn't send Dick Clark."

Sonny: "Yeah, if you like older guys. What is this guy? Like eight months older than me? How creepy is that?"

Marty: "I'm Marty."

Vince: "Marty what?"

Marty: "It's spelled M-a-r-a-s-c-h-i-n-o but pronounced Jailbait."

Danny: "Time to dance with Cha Cha!"

Kenickie: "But that was my date--

Danny: "This is my movie, Conaway. Now go back to pretending to be shorter than me, and if you're good, we can discuss which girl was hotter, Cha Cha or Rizzo at the diner tomorrow, Candance Bushnell style."

Kenickie: "Yes, Mr. Travolta."

Danny: "Hey, Sandy, sorry I blew you off in front of my friends at the pep rally and that I danced with another girl without even checking to see if you were OK. Here's a ring I found on the ground. Be mine."

Sandy: "Aww, I can't stay mad at you."

Danny: "Since I apologized, I think you should do something nice for me. Rizzo always used, during the movies, so...come on, baby, let's get physical, physical."

Sandy: "You're supposed to respect me and tell me what a bonza sheila I am! Not paw me during the previews, you oversexed wallaby!"

Danny: "What? What'd I do?"

Rizzo: "I feel like a broken typewriter. I skipped a period!"

Sadako: "We're not watching Grease anymore, are we?"

Kenickie: "I, uh, heard you got a bun in the oven. One thing I always do is take responsibility for my mistakes. I'm gonna go borrow my brother's boxing gloves. Meet you in the stairwell in twenty minutes?"

Rizzo: "Hey, it's some other guy's mistake."

Kenickie: "What?! Fucking Travolta."

Sadako: "Shut up, guys, time for the big race."

Kenickie: "Ouch! Car door slammed on my face!"

Danny: "What's wrong? Do you need me to drive for you?"

Kenickie: "No, I'm cool, I just--

Danny: "I SAID, I'm fine with driving. Now go sit down so I can take off these lifts. Oh, and we're cutting your backing vocals in Greased Lightnin'."

Sandy: "Danny won. If only I could have been there for him. Frenchy, you've dyed your hair pink and yellow and gave me tetanus trying to pierce my ears. You seem like the perfect person to give me a makeover."

Frenchy: "Sure! Break out the Stupid Spoiled Whore playset!"

Kenickie: "Rizzo, I'm gonna do right by you!"

Rizzo: "No, it's OK, I already fell down the flight of stairs!"

Kenickie: "Hot damn!"

Danny: "If Sandy wants a jock, that's what I'll be. Woah. Sandy."

Sadako: "Congratulations. There aren't many Sandys in movie musicals, and right now, you have less sex appeal than the one in Annie."

Sandy: "Tell me about it...stuuuu-

Sadako: "Sorry, babe. Jan's the hottest thing in this scene. And not just because you're going to need an intravenous supply of Monistat after this many hours sewed into those size negative ten leather pants."

Sandy: "...uuuud."

Danny: "Well, babe. We graduated high school with no real prospects or college acceptance letters."

Sandy: "Should we see if I can get a job stripping while you manage a Burger Joint?"

Danny: "Nah, let's just ascend into the sky."